Major FAQ's

Q. What is the age requirement to play Major?
10-12 years old as of April 30th of the current season.

Q. When does the season start?
A. Typically, 2nd - 3rd week in April, weather and field availability dependent. We realize many families have busy schedules this time of year and are looking for scheduling information as soon as possible. We appreciate this and will do our best to provide information about first practices and games via email as soon as possible. Some general practice and game schedule information can be found below.

Q.  How long is the season and when does the season end?
A.  Teams will play 12-14 games. The season typically ends the 2nd week in June

Q. When are team practices?
A. Once a week for approximately two hours. Teams at this level have practiced on weekdays and weekends. The day of week is based on coach’s availability.

Q. When are games?
A.  Historically, all games at this level have taken place during the week (Monday-Friday nights) with a 5:30pm start time.

Q. How are teams selected?
A.  At this level, teams are selected by a Draft process. Prior to the start of the season, we will hold an evaluation session for all those registered for the Major Division. This evaluation will consist of batting, fielding, throwing, and running stations. Coaches will be on hand and will assign each player a ranking for each discipline. Rankings for each player are then complied to award an overall ranking. Shortly after the evaluation is held, coaches, along with the Division Director will meet and conduct a Draft. Special requests to be with a specific coach or player cannot be guaranteed. In the event of siblings being registered for this division, once one sibling is drafted the other sibling is automatically placed on the same team (note: parents may request this automatic placement does not take place. request must be made in writing to the League Director prior to the start of the draft)

Q. What equipment does my child need?
A. At this level, players will wear baseball pants and cleats, along with their league provided hat and shirt. The hat and shirt are the only “required” parts of the uniform. Baseball specific pants and cleats are not required, but at the very least players should wear long pants. Other than that we recommend, comfortable clothing (expect them to get dirty), sneakers (rubber cleats are acceptable) and a baseball glove. Bats, helmets, and catcher’s gear are provided by the league. The amount of money you choose to spend on additional equipment and accessories is entirely a personal/family decision. Keep in mind, the most expensive glove and/or bat will not make any player better than his/her own natural ability will allow him/her to be. Proper size and weight is more important than the cost. With regard to gloves, we recommend an inexpensive leather one. It is important to break the glove in before practices begin. There are several links on the web that can help you or you can contact us.

Q. What are the differences between Minor and Major?
A. The major differences on playing at the level are:
70 ft base paths
50' pitching distance
Leading and Stealing bases
Throwing distances
The balk rule for pitchers (only enforced at playoff time.)
Dropped 3rd strike rule for catchers

Q.  Who are the Coaches?
A.  Coaches are all volunteers. Selection is based on previous participation but we have plenty of information and support to help anyone so first timers are always welcome. All you need to do is select coach during the registration and we will take it from there.

Q. What is the role of the parent/guardian at the Major level?
#1 – Be Supportive. Encourage, don’t discourage participation. Please remember that your child may feel tremendous pressures and stress during the games and that is why we recommend that you encourage them not coach them. As much as we want to we cannot do it for them, they need to do it for themselves. Allowing them this freedom will build their self-confidence while building a supportive foundation between you and your child. This applies to your child’s teammates, as well as everyone else participating in the league.

You can work with your child at home using the skills and drills we will implement during our practice sessions. It is very important for your child to have a supporting parent at home. If you are unfamiliar with the game swing by and talk with one of the coaches and we will help you help your child. Your role can be as simple as playing catch in the yard. 

The success of this league is tied to kids wanting to play baseball. If a player makes a good play, acknowledge it. If a player misses a ball or throw or is out of position on the field, don’t call them out in front of family and friends. Instead, at the next chance you get, pull the player aside and coach him/her. If you and your team were watching the game before yours and a kid makes a good play, you’d probably all smile, cheer and applaud. That shouldn’t change once your game starts. The players in this league are current or future friends, classmates, and teammates. They’re not rivals. There’ll be a time and place for rivalries and all that comes along with that later in their athletic careers. Many parents grew up together or see one another across Town at school events or other activities. Remember in the end it’s about the kids. Instilling a good sense of sportsmanship is equally important as teaching them the fundamentals of baseball.

#2- Be punctual. It is very important that your child show up to practices and games at or before the required time.  Because the fields are limited, the time slots for practices and games will be limited. This is where they will learn what is required of them under game situations and where they will develop a bond with their team-mates. If your child misses several practice sessions due to other obligations it may impact your Child’s ability to develop on the field.

# 3 – Be Courteous and respectful of your child’s coach(es) and teammates, members of the other team, other parents and family members, league officials, and umpires. If you know in advance you are going to be late or are going to miss a practice or game, please notify your coach. Coaches are required to make rosters for every game and it is very difficult to make game time changes so please notify your coaching staff within 24 hours if your child will be missing a game. Please keep in mind that this is a Rec. league and the officials are Rec. league officials. No good will come from yelling, arguing or questioning every call umpires makes. The only thing that will come from that is you being known as “that parent”.

Q. How can I help out?
A. We’re glad you asked. Any parent who would like to offer their time is welcome. Being a volunteer based organization, there are always ways to volunteer. Please reach out to with any questions or to find out more.

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