Rookie - FAQ's

Q. When does the season start?

A. Typically, 2nd - 3rd week in April, weather and field availability dependent.

Q. How are teams selected?

A.  We start with all the special requests to be with a specific coach or player. Then we divvy up the remaining players based on age, experience and gender to make the teams as even as possible. The bottom line is we are not trying build the Red Sox, our goal is to provide you and your child with a positive experience. Our hope is that your child will learn to love the game and continue to play for years to come.

Q. What equipment does my child need?

A. Comfortable clothing (expect them to get dirty), sneakers (rubber cleats are acceptable) and a baseball glove. We recommend an inexpensive leather one. It is important to break the glove in before practices begin. There are several links on the web that can help you or you can contact us. Team hat and T-shirt for games are provided by the league.

Q. When are team practices?

A. One night per week starting at 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM for approximately one hour. The night of the week is based on coach’s availability.

Q.  Who are the Coaches?

A.  Coaches are all volunteers. Selection is based on previous participation but we have plenty of information and support to help anyone so first timers are always welcome. All you need to do is select coach during the registration and we will take it from there.

Q. When are games?
A.  Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am. Games are approximately 1.25 hours

Q.  When does the season end?
A.  Typically the 2nd week in June.

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